Teapot in the Peaks.

You may remember a post I wrote a while ago entitled. Who sacked the Teapot?  I loved writing it but didn’t have any really good photos to share along with the post.  That same teapot, (as it reminds me of days gone by) made the journey safely to the Peak District with me and is hanging happily in a prime position for breakfast viewing.

I love finding new uses for things and this little teapot is certainly being appreciated in its new surroundings.  I hope you enjoy the photos, maybe it will inspire you to hang your own lidless teapot in your garden giving it a new lease of life.


Hope you enjoyed the tea!



Love Alison x





Three weeks in the Peaks.

Driving up a steep hill which takes me away from the city and towns after a short family break, I am brought face to face with the raw reality of country living.  A large bird swoops down in front of me as it skillfully catches its prey, then with its mission successfully accomplished flys off into the distant hills.  I’m not sure what the bird was and not wanting to cause a pile-up on the road I was unable to get a photo, but it was a moment that made me realize the dramatic contrast between city and country living.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bird of prey in action before, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time as I begin to adjust to life in the countryside.


We arrived in sunshine but it wasn’t long before the heavens opened and the rain came down, and down, and the wind began to howl.  It reminded me of a song sung many years ago in Sunday School  “The rains came down and the floods went up but the house on the rock stood firm”.  I have been thankful to be tucked up in a safe warm cottage that has stood the test of time, and just enjoy the noises around me, whilst hoping that the previous owner was being honest when she said that flooding was not a problem.  It was a little worrying as the nearby brook quickly turned into a fast flowing river and the puddles in the fields behind our house began happily getting deeper, but thankfully we have remained cozy and dry.


I am enjoying getting to know the locals and although we don’t speak the same language I think we are going to enjoy each others company very much.




It is already evident that some of these feathered friends keep to a regular daily routine and each morning as I’m sat having breakfast a couple of pheasants wander past on their morning walk to wherever pheasants go.

I should be unpacking but it’s very hard to stop myself from grabbing my camera and snapping away when there is so much going on outside my window.



I love opening the blinds in the morning and wondering what I will see and am hoping that one day soon I might open the blinds and find a field of lambs looking back at me.  It would certainly be more pleasant than the bird swooping down to claim its dinner but I guess we all have to learn to take the rough with the smooth, and I think I’m ok with that.

It is after all, one very special place to be, and I am one lucky country girl.


Love Alison x










Moments of madness!


Each day as I walk Jess through the park we wander past a cheerful, burbling little stream, and I love it.  It reminds me of my childhood, of water filled wellies and death-defying rope swings.  The water ripples merrily along, and birds flit swiftly between the trees, skimming the water as they go.  With the added touch of sunshine on a spring day it is nothing but a joy.

There is just one problem.  Over the last few months as I have walked past my stream, and been uplifted by its sheer presence it has begun to talk to me, calling me, trying to entice me back into its memory filled waters, but each day I have walked on by,  trying to quiet the battle within.  My heart said  “Go on Ali, you’ll be fine”  but my head was saying  “Come on, it’s too risky, wait a while longer, till your fitter and stronger”!  (Poetry creeps in even when I’m talking to myself).  And so I’ve continued on each day, walking past my stream, and squashing down the childish excitement that bubbled within me, until…..

The other day Jess was happily chasing evasive squirrels, the park was quiet with not a photography blogger in sight and suddenly, without warning, my heart won the war.  I found myself wellie deep in a lovely, murky, pebble filled stream and I was back in the town of my birth, down at  ‘The Mole’  once again, and for a few special moments I was in heaven.

The only trouble was that I had got in fairly painlessly,  but now I had to get out.

Feeling secure in my Barbour Wellington’s (a brand I would definitely recommend) I had stepped carefully down a fairly small bank, and into my joyful place.  Having squelched happily along for a while and coming to the waters end,  getting out looked a little more risky but.. here goes.

OUCH!!  That hurt!.. The bank was probably only two steps tall but as I put my second foot on the slope my Welly failed to grip (hmm!) and I began to slip, instinctively grabbing the first stinging nettle that looked like it might have a ‘cat in hells’ chance,  of saving my fall!  After successfully making it up the bank it wasnt long before I was hunting for the ever faithful Dock leaf.

Dock leaves are never far away from stinging nettles, I think they just like to grow in the same boggy conditions.  Its not a proven fact that they do anything for the sting although it could be the sap that soothes the pain, or possibly just the placebo effect as we have been brought up to believe that they help, but whatever they do or don’t do the Dock leaf worked its historic magic on me, and if I’d wanted a trip down memory lane that nettle sting certainly did the trick.

I guess we all have times in our lives when we have a battle between our head and our heart. Our head says no, but the passion in our hearts beats so loud and so strong that we take the plunge or risk.   I didn’t come to any lasting harm on my little adventure, but in hindsight and given my recent state of health it maybe wasnt the best of ideas.  It did however bring a smile to my day if only to smile at myself.

head vs heart

As the quote in this picture says.. A wise person uses both mind and heart in their decisions and I think that maybe before I indulge any more of my childhood longings that I will try to amalgamate the two.   Especially when it comes to the tree that is just begging to be climbed!




Love Alison x













A few of my favourites for Easter.

The weather in the Midlands hasn’t been great over this Easter Weekend and sadly it has certainly not been one that would encourage me out with my camera, so here are a few of my favourite photos from previous visits to my nearby pond.  My favourite peaceful place…. Enjoy! and Happy Easter.



Love Alison x