Heading for The Headland.

Are you a regular Hotel goer?  Is fine dining, napkins laid in your lap, wine placed in a cooler on the table and poured by an Italian looking waiter part of your regular yearly routine?  Or are you like me, and the nearest you’ve come to this over the years is a night on the sofa with Julia Roberts as she plays ‘Vivienne’ in the film “Pretty Woman’.   Oh how I love that film.

If you are one of the lucky ones then I would advise a night on the sofa with Julia,  it’s a great film if you’ve never seen it, but if you are like me and summers as a single mum meant a paddling pool in the garden and an Ice pop from the fridge, then don’t be too surprised when the waiter pulls out a chair.  It’s not because he’s noticed that the chair leg is wobbly, and doesn’t want an accident on his hands, hes doing it for you,  Just for you!


The Headland Hotel has been the most iconic of Cornish hotels for over a century.  I think the word  ‘Grand’  goes someway to describe it, especially for a hotel virgin like myself.  The staircase leading down to dinner in the evening seemed to arouse a floating feeling and I had to be careful not to trip on my dress as I did my best ‘Meghan Markle’ impression.  I certainly felt quite the royal as I made my way down those stairs each night.  I wonder if anyone could tell?   Its strange to think that I was walking in the footsteps of Princes Edward and Bertie who stayed in the hotel as teenagers being among the early guests.


In the late 19th century the building of this hotel wasn’t welcomed by all.  Local fishermen who claimed that it was being built on common land where their nets had been dried for generations, even went to the lengths of pushing the foreman’s hut into the Atlantic.  I’m hoping the foreman was out on a tea break at the time.   During the 2nd World War it was used as a hospital and there are many unproven claims of ghostly sitings, nurses in uniform wandering around at night.  Thankfully I slept very peacefully apart from the odd snore which definitely wasnt of a ghostly nature.

Some of you may recognize it as the filming location for  ‘The Witches’ , written by Roald Dahl, and released as a film in 1990 with Rowan Atkinson playing the hotel manager.

The hotel is so welcoming with a really relaxed atmosphere.  There are an array of lounge rooms to choose from whether you’re wanting a meal, a drink, a game of chess or just a bit of quiet, and although beautifully decorated it still maintains its original charm, giving you a taste of history wherever you choose to sit.  When you are lucky to have wall to wall sunshine as in the last few days there is a lovely decked area where you can sit and watch the tide rolling in and out,


Or just watch in awe as the sun sets in the evening.





Of course nothing beats waking up to the sound of a seagull swooping above you, the fresh smell of sea air and the gentle sound of the waves as they crumple onto the shore.  What could be more perfect and rejuvenating.



I think my summers past, with one hand holding an ice pop and a foot in the paddling pool have only served to increase my appreciation of a few nights spent in such a special place….and I can’t help but be thankful.








Love Alison x














Christmas Gratitude.


It never ceases to amaze me how much time, thought and planning goes into Christmas each and every year,  then in the blink of an eye it is done and we all begin to return to some sense of normality.  As we travel once again towards a New Year we can mull over the Christmas memories made,  and take pleasure in those special moments which make the whole pre-Christmas journey worthwhile.  I can still hear the groans of Joy as I ask my four special people to gather around their mum for that yearly Christmas photo,  but hey.. it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

In a previous post I mentioned my love of Christmas and shared a memory of  ‘The year Santas’ elves filled my stocking’ .  It was a special moment that I thought was a  ‘one off’      but I underestimated the love and joy of giving that those elves hold in their hearts.


Having enjoyed listening to this Charlotte elf opening her 26th Christmas stocking!  I was given an instruction that went a little like this. ” Mum can you go and get my phone charger…its by the fireplace”.   Looking around and being unable to find it I called up and was told again and again to  “look for it near the fireplace” !!.   Still I couldn’t find it, then as my eyes caught sight of this the penny dropped!


Santas’ Elf had been busy and Mum had been treated once again.  My lack of expectation and the fact that an empty stocking always hung in its place, was the reason behind my cluelessness.   Overwhelmed with a mixture of childish excitement,  and a grown up sense of gratitude,  I went upstairs clutching my stocking and took pleasure in every little gift,  carefully chosen by those I love.  Nothing beats finding a stocking hanging by the fireplace on Christmas morning, but its the kindness, time and thought that went into putting it together that means as much to me as the presents inside.

Christmas is a time that brings families together and I am so thankful for the family I have been blessed with,  and for the fun, love and laughter that we have shared over the last few days.  For just a short while the cold outside is forgotten and the warmth inside envelops us all.


I hope if you are taking time to read this that you had a Cosy Happy Christmas and are looking forward to 2018.


Love Alison x