One sunny afternoon.

There is nothing I love more than spending a bit of time sitting near water. Whether it’s the Sea, a lake, a pond or even sitting in my garden listening to the water fountain, the sound of water soothes and relaxes me.  Why is this?  Is it because of the watery start we all had in our mothers womb?  It must have felt very cosy, warm and safe in there although I can’t say that I remember it too well, but I guess it is a reasonable theory.

Just as the warmth of the sun provides the energy needed to keep my garden fountain working as it should, so a few hours sat at the water’s edge can renew and refresh us, restoring our energy and enabling us to return to our lives with a fresh perspective and zeal.


Settling myself down in this spot on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a book, my camera and a bag of walkers crisps (ready salted in case you’re wondering) was a welcome bit of me time.  Time to ‘sit and stare’ and just to BE.


I’ve always loved watching and photographing the Inhabitants of my local pond, and was perfectly happy to while away an hour or two watching these proud new parents enjoying a sunday afternoon swim with their offspring.


It got me thinking about my son and his fiance who are soon to become the parents of my first grandchild. It wont be long before they are the ones walking proudly around on a Sunday afternoon, with their tiny little bundle of joy.   The dawning of a new little family.  I wonder what it will be? I was pleased that they decided to wait till the birth to find out what they are having as I think it is one of life’s really special surprises, and nothing beats hearing those three words when the baby is born and someone says “It’s a boy’ or ‘It’s a girl”.  It’s a beautiful moment and one that I know they will cherish for the rest of their lives.  A moment when life is changed forever as a first tiny new breath is taken.


Back to watching the babes on the pond, the baby Coots have improved their looks somewhat as they are such funny little things when they first hatch.


They are definitely not the cutest kids on the pond, but they are a little less ugly duckling than when they first crack open their egg and pop their little heads out into the world.


Ducks just continue to be Ducks!


But my favourites are definitely the fluffy goslings.  Judi Castile at A French Homestead life has been posting about her own new goslings of which I am quite envious, but I can at least borrow these little cuties for an afternoon of enjoyment and relaxation as I watch them drifting goosily through their day.

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Beauty is never far away and lifes’ difficult moments are cushioned by the joyful ones that are around the next corner.  Sometimes we get frustrated when we can’t see round that bend, but how boring life would be if we didn’t have to go through the waiting, if everything was just handed to us.  That is where we learn and grow, we just need to be patient and try to enjoy each moment of the journey, till eventually we are living whats ahead.  And as we are waiting, we can always sit for a while longer and be soothed by the  calming sounds of the water, just as we were when we were cosy and warm and safe in our mothers womb.







Love Alison x




Who sacked the Teapot?

Do you remember when?… Oh gosh I must be getting older if I’m starting a sentence like that…Oh well here goes.  Do you remember when you used to use a Teapot?  You know, that chubby, homely looking piece of pottery, with a spout and a handle that used to sit comfortably in your kitchen.  Perhaps you are one of the few who still use one, or could possibly locate one at the back of your cupboard if you looked hard enough.  Maybe after reading this blog you might even be inspired to get it out and give it a dust.. Do let me know.

‘Legend has it that in the year 2737 BC tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis tree floated down into a bowl of water being boiled for Shen Nung the Emporer of China.  Finding that he rather enjoyed the taste he continued drinking “tay”.  Tea didn’t reach Europe until 1610 when Dutch traders brought it back to Holland and of course now it is the drink of choice for us Brits and many others throughout Europe’.  An interesting bit of trivia!

The Teapot which came later was at first used for just one or two cups, and often carried around for personal use.  The drinker would apparently drink straight from the spout. Hmm, maybe worth a try although I think I prefer mine in a mug unless im on a posh day, or having a ‘remembering my mum moment’ in which case a china cup and saucer is definitely preferred.


I guess we have the  ‘T bag’  to blame for the decline of the Teapot, it’s so much quicker and easier to just chuck one in a mug and drown it in water, but is that the answer?  Is quicker and easier better? or are we loosing something in the passing by of the Good ol’ Teapot, and the time it takes to make an old-fashioned brew.

I think we are.  The Teapot symbolizes friendship, companionship, chatting and sharing.  It says  ‘Im making time for you’.  Picture a plump, brightly coloured Teapot sat in the middle of a table, surrounded by a group of friends sharing their deepest troubles and joys.  The Teapot sits quietly, nonchalantly.  Faithfully doing its job of keeping the tea warm while listening in to the chattering voices that surround it,  understanding the importance of quietly kept confidences.  From time to time it smiles as it’s lifted up and tilted towards a favourite mug or tea-cup, as friends happily share from one vessel.  The Teapot unites us.


Time is such a precious commodity and yet how often do we hear people say  ‘I havent got time’  or  ‘I havent had time’  or  ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’.  Maybe they should go and buy a Teapot, and enjoy the old-fashioned ritual.  The warming of the pot, the waiting for it to brew, deciding to have just one more cup before it goes cold.  It really is an art form and one that is sadly fading.

I think my recipe for a good cup of tea would be this:

1 whistling kettle, 1 Tea pot, 1 mug, 1 tsp tea leaves, a little milk (I prefer goats milk) 1 tsp of time and 1 tsp patience.  A little sunshine always helps along with a good friend.(recipe to be adjusted for two). Oh and dont forget the strainer!

Try it and let me know how you got on.. you may find that taking some time, actually produces more,  as relaxation and the taste of a good well made cuppa recharges your batteries and restores you.

I always feel quite sad when I break a tea-pot.  I just think they hold such precious daily memories.  It’s usually the lid that gets broken and once that has gone you really need to go and buy a new one, but I always find it hard to throw the old one away and often try to think of a good use for a lidless Pot.

I was faced with throwing this one away the other day.  Its been sat on a shelf for a long time,  but I really didn’t want to part with it as it holds memories of a certain time of my life.  Thankfully I found a new use for it and although I don’t have a picture I was excited to see a little blue tit flying in and out of it the other day enjoying a good meal.


Its seems to me that there was no good reason to sack the Teapot,  but I can think of lots of reasons to reinstate it.



Love Alison x