Snow Days.

Its time to don the wellies and..


take a walk on a snowy day.


You never know, we might get lucky


and meet a wise old friend along the way.


Or just a friend who wants to play.


When furry paws get cold, home is never far away!



Love Alison x



Poems, Thoughts



Brave and determined
we hold on to what is safe
to that which is familiar.

Winds blow, storms rage,
but we stay attached,
grounded in the roots 
of all we have known.

Until a day comes
when the pain of holding on, 
becomes greater 
than the pain of change, 
and we glimpse hope
in a life yet to be.

Mother Nature has a way
of softening the blow,
her timing is perfect
her voice so soft
calling us forward,

Helping us to let go.

By Alison Fielding.
Poems, Thoughts

So softly they fall.


As winter draws near

they begin to fall

 from weakening arms

dropping, one by one.

They braved the storms

the wind and rain

their beauty shone

with the rising sun.

Now crumpled and creased

it’s time to let go

time to accept

the journey is done.

Another falls

so softly to the ground

tears are shed

a battle is won.



Love Alison x


Poem:  ‘So softly they fall.  By Alison Fielding