Primroses in the Peaks.

I was short on ideas for my blog this weekend until yesterday when I found myself walking along the banks of a stream that runs along the field at the back of our cottage.


There they were ‘Primroses’, and there was I, back on the banks of the Old East Grinstead Railway that ran along the end of my childhood home. My mind was suddenly awash with memories and a real sense of joy, all evoked by a simple yet delicate little yellow flower.


Do you have anything like primroses that when sighted brings you a sense of pleasure as they whisk you back to your Childhood days? A friend was telling me the other day that Gorse bushes always make him happy as they remind him of his younger days, he always has to stop and smell them and get a waft of that coconutty, vanilla smell.  I’ve been walking around smelling gorse ever since as we are surrounded by it, and it definitely has a very pleasant aroma. Folklore says ‘you should only kiss your beloved when gorse is in flower’, luckily gorse or a close relative I’m told, tends to be in flower pretty much all year so don’t worry, kissing can continue. Phew!!


Those primroses gave me a real spark of pleasure as they reminded me of days spent in shorts and wellies, scrambling or often slipping down one bank, across the old disused railway line, and up the bank on the other side. I can remember a time when those banks were completely covered in a pretty yellow carpet, but I can also remember them disappearing as people began to dig them up and plant them in their gardens. At least that is what I remember being told. I have many memories of picking small bunches and taking them back home to my mum, although by the time I had slipped down one bank and crawled up the other I doubt the primroses looked quite so attractive but the thought was there.


In the old Victorian ‘Language of flowers’. the primrose symbolized ‘Young Love’ and the sense of ‘I can’t live without you’ but somehow as we get older we realize that life does go on even without those who we have held dear, and maybe that’s why primrose moments however fleeting are so special as they remind us for just a brief moment of those we have loved and lost, and help us to realize that we have moved forward and are remembering them with happiness rather than sadness.


I couldn’t help but pick just a very small bunch of these pretty yellow flowers, just to keep those happy memories around for a while, and although much more grown up now I doubt you will be surprised that I was still in my shorts and wellies.


Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Easter Weekend.



Love Alison x






Lambs in the Peaks.

The days are getting lighter and longer, and row upon row of daffodils, like long-legged ladies in bonnets are swaying from side to side in the easterly wind.


However,  nothing says ‘Spring is coming’ more to me than the arrival of adorable fluffy white lambs in the fields.  I’ve always got my camera at the ready at this time of year and normally a visit to a special countryside friend is needed.  This year however I am lucky to be surrounded by lambs in the fields of the Peak District and can’t help but stop as I see them gamboling and skipping innocently across the countryside.

Oops no gamboling or skipping here just lambs sleeping like babies in the midday sun.


There is something about a mothers love whatever the species, the word unconditional ‘springs’ to mind’ as I watched this little guy pushing the limits while his mum just continued to munch away.


Love is patient!


Making friends is fun.  Some of our strongest friendships are the ones we make when we are young.


And it’s always good to spend time with a special friend, one to one.


Nothing is better than when one of your children wanders up to you and says ‘I love you mum’


After a long day gamboling and skipping and sleeping!  It’s time to follow mum, stay close.


Stick together.


Don’t get left behind!!


Gratitude at the end of a long day.




Love Alison











Chickens at the windows

I have always enjoyed keeping a couple of hens, they make even a small garden a much more interesting place, and these two girls, (originally three until Mr. Fox did his worst) have kept me very amused and entertained over the last few years.   Now, having been brought up in a small city garden, they think they are in Chicken Heaven and are looking healthier than ever.


Sadly we don’t own the land around our Peak District home, and the girls may well be on borrowed time as they enjoy their free-range life,  but for now both they and I are enjoying their new-found freedom, and washing the dishes is much more fun with a little feathered face staring back at me through the window.


I would even go as far as to say that  ‘Happiness is a Hen pecking at the kitchen window’ but I’m afraid that isn’t going down to well with the ‘lord of the manor’, so go carefully, girls.  We don’t want Chicken pie on the menu now, do we?

There are windows everywhere filling the cottage with light, so I get to keep a good eye on the girls as they peck about their day.  I’m quite sure that they are delighting on feasting and foraging on all the various new flavors,  found in an open field.


If you are contemplating the idea of keeping a few chickens I would say  ‘GO FOR IT’.  They are easy to keep, highly entertaining and the taste of a freshly laid egg every day, well nothing beats it.


Hi girls,  that’s it,  keep me amused but NO PECKING! or there will trouble ahead.


Happy Sunday everyone



Love Alison x




Peacock in the Peaks.

Don’t you just love those unexpected moments in life when something, well, totally unexpected happens?  This morning was one of those moments.  Having just watched a buzzard swooping and gliding through the sky and loving the new experience, a loud hooting was heard coming from the garden so off I dashed camera in hand.


I was in for a complete surprise when I saw this rather majestic lad standing proudly on our garden wall.  I was even more surprised at the thought that peacocks roamed wild in the Peaks, but of course they don’t and I was soon put right on that train of thought but excited none the less at the unexpected photo session standing before me.


Maybe one of my four children had sent it for a quirky Mothers day surprise, but no,  later we were to find out that it belonged to a local farmer who was quite shocked that it had made its way to us.  I assured him however that it was more than welcome to visit again.


Of course, I was hoping that we might get a glimpse of that beautiful tail, but I think a female would have been needed as it is usually for her benefit that he shows off his full glory.


It was just one of those special little moments in life that brings a bit of unexpected excitement and joy into the day ahead and of course I was a little sad when the time came to say goodbye.


Do come again!


Love Alison x




Happiness is like a Butterfly.


Happiness is like a butterfly.

The more you chase it, the more it will elude you.


But if you turn your attention to other things,


It will come and sit softly on your shoulder.


‘Henry David Thoreau’




Love Alison.





Autumn’s​ finale.

On opening my front door this morning,

I saw the beauty of autumn calling,

jewels from heaven falling down to earth,

the season heralding the saviours birth.


As bronze tipped gold and copper snow,

softly carpets the ground below,

I wonder by chance if the wise men three,

would give a gift of golden leaves,

for a baby king to lay his head,

an autumnal quilt for the royal bed.


Soon we will leave this season of colour

and open our doors to a season of wonder.

Where children’s eyes are filled with dreams,

of Santa’s sleigh and nativity wings,

and  autumn will be but a memory once more,

and the scene will be new

when I open my door.






Love Alison x











Englands autumn shared.

Today is a typical English autumn day.  Its cold, calm and colourful, and I couldn’t help but get out with my camera to capture some of the beauty that’s surrounding us every day.  Why not join me as I walk through my local park and take some time to notice the splendour of the season.  It’s not quite cold enough yet for wooly hats and scarfs so just pop on a warm cosy jumper and we’re away.  Enjoy!!





Last year I wrote a post called Squirrel Sunday. .  I love watching them scurrying around in the autumn leaves and today was no different.





I actually think they were enjoying posing for me as they munched on all the lovely autumn foliage.


My last post was a poem about autumn called Autumns song .   I couldn’t help but recite it to myself today as I looked around me and took in the array of beautiful colours falling from the trees.  They really are very akin to the colours of the fruit we eat.



I do hope you’ve enjoyed this Sunday afternoon walk in England as much as i have. I think its time now to go home and enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate to which you are also welcome.

Happy Sunday x



Love Alison x