Bird table Babies.

There is nothing sweeter than watching a mother bird feeding its fledgling.  I could so easily have missed these moments as both the blue tit and goldfinch babies came down to the bird table for the first time, but I’m so glad I didn’t.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



“Hey Mum, where did you go, I’m still hungry!”


“Don’t worry Sis, Mum will be back soon!”


” Hey, where are you going?”.     “Stay there, I’ll go find her.”


“Weeeeeee, this is fun, I’m a tight rope walker.


“Gosh being a mum is not all its cut out to be, this is hard work”.  “Kids, who’d have em”


“Guess we will just have to sit and wait, this is BORING!”


A new family on the block.


“Ooooer, this washing line thingy is wobbly!”


“That’s Better”,  I’m on top of the world.


“Shes got to be out there somewhere bro”


Hey you, I’ve got enough mouths to feed, find your own.


“Let’s stick together”


Or maybe keep out the way for a minute.


“Growing up is tough”

I hope you enjoyed the visit to my bird table.  Blue tits and Goldfinches are so lovely to watch.




Love Alison x
















Teapot in the Peaks.

You may remember a post I wrote a while ago entitled. Who sacked the Teapot?  I loved writing it but didn’t have any really good photos to share along with the post.  That same teapot, (as it reminds me of days gone by) made the journey safely to the Peak District with me and is hanging happily in a prime position for breakfast viewing.

I love finding new uses for things and this little teapot is certainly being appreciated in its new surroundings.  I hope you enjoy the photos, maybe it will inspire you to hang your own lidless teapot in your garden giving it a new lease of life.


Hope you enjoyed the tea!



Love Alison x





All of a flutter.

Things are a little tense in my corner of the world at the moment as we wait in anticipation for the safe arrival of the new little member of our family.  He or she will soon be here and for a while im sure life will go a little crazy.

So far as a Grandma or (nonna) to be goes I still feel pretty much the same.  My skirt length hasn’t changed, in fact I have spent most of the summer in a pair of cut down jeans shorts with frayed edges, feeling very  ‘ungrandmotherly’  if indeed there is such a word.  I think I have been cutting an old pair of Jeans down to shorts since I was about 13 but it still seems to be an acceptable fashion item,  and I count myself lucky that at 55 I can still get away with it.

This post however isn’t about being a Grandma or giving birth but about parenting, and how yesterday I got a ‘birds eye’ view (pardon the pun) of how it works in the world of our feathered friends.

One minute we were sat having coffee, the next it was raining sparrows and we were suddenly surrounded by fledglings, unable to fly or feed themselves.  I’m not quite sure how they made their way to the ground without breaking something, but somehow they did.


Two were fairly healthy looking but this little guy looked like he’d been given his marching orders a little too early, and although Dad spent the day feeding all three in different parts of the garden, I didn’t think this little bundle of fluff had much chance of survival.

Baby sparrows leave the nest unable to feed themselves and the male will continue to provide for them for up to two weeks while his wife gets on with laying her next batch of eggs.  Gosh she must be one exhausted female!

I really didn’t expect them to survive the night and I’m pretty sure only 2 have .  It’s a tough world out there and I guess it really is ‘survival of the fittest’, but I was pleased to see this little chap popping his head up from his bed this morning and we had a little chat of relief while I took his photo.

Parenting is a tough job.  It takes commitment, courage, hard work and a whole heart full of unconditional love.  We are thrown into it with no real training, but somehow we survive and amazingly so do our children.  I take my hat off to this proud Dad who has probably been up all night worrying about his young as they spent their first night without him.  Dont we all know what that is like?  He is now completing his final step of the journey as their dad, and bravely letting them go.

Very soon I will be watching two new young parents take the first steps on that same journey.  If I was to give them some advice I think I would say this…Trust yourselves, trust your heart and love and support each other… the rest I think will come naturally just as it does for Mr and Mrs Sparrow.


And at the end of the day if all else fails there is always a Nonna in denim the other side of town.




Love Alison x





Spring Sparrows.

The world outside my window is getting noisy again, and that can only mean one thing.  Spring is around the corner.  These little guys are chirping away every morning, flitting happily between their home under the eaves, and the magnolia tree in the garden.  It’s a welcome sight,  and I love waking up to their sweet happy voices as they go about their business.


The house sparrow mates for life and never goes far from home, choosing to return to the same nesting place year after year.  This means that I get to enjoy them at close hand, as I have a nest right outside my bedroom window.  Apparently, they use a set of postures and behaviours to communicate with each other. I wonder what this chap is trying to say!   Come on girls I’m waiting!


I caught this one nest-building last year and thought that she had the look of a certain favourite detective of mine.




Breeding starts in may, although I’m sure my sparrows start earlier.  They will have 3 lots of chicks, laying 3 to 5 eggs each time.


In years gone by  ‘Sparrow Pie’ was a delicacy known for its aphrodisiac properties but I can’t imagine this chap on my dinner table, even with the prospect of an added promise! I think I would much prefer to just enjoy him in his natural state.





Spring is coming…


Love Alison x