Poems, Valenting



             "Be my Valentine"
             Those were the words
             that captured my heart
             when i opened the card
             the card that you sent
             the card I have kept
             and read every day
             for seven years now.

             Hoping against hope
             as i wake and hear
             the familiar sound
             of the post through the door
             that a card will be waiting
             which once more will say
             "Be my Valentine"

             I gave you my heart
             when i opened that card
             a heart still beating
             with love and desire    
             so come the 14th 
             that precious date
             the day birds are fabled
             to choose their mate

             I will be waiting
             I will be listening

             Just in case.


             By Alison Fielding.




When life is tough
And all is dark
And the tunnels end
is out of sight,
And days are endless
and minutes as hours
tick slowly by
as a fretful night.
Make hope your friend.

When love is lost
and grief weighs down
and tears like raindrops
fall from the heart,
and the moments on waking
are too much to bare
and your faced with a day
that has no start.
Make hope your friend.

Hope is the buoy 
that keeps you afloat
that steers your ship
through the roughest of storms,
the northern star
and guiding light
the unseen blanket
keeping you warm.

The upholder of dreams
the strength to move on
the path to a future
when none can be seen,
an acceptance of now
knowing change will come
And flowers will blossom
where thorns had once been


By Alison Fielding.






As dark days of Winter
begin to abate
and the face of hope
is not far away,
first signs of spring 
begin to show
small white heads 
above the snow.
Reminding the heart
that dark times fade
and sadness for laughter
we can trade,
as nature performs
her wonderful thing,
the changing of seasons
from Winter to Spring.

By Alison Fielding.



The Date.


Smart and neatly turned out
she shifts from foot to foot.
Nervously waiting
expectant, anticipating.

Black dress, polished shoes
a smudge of red a dob of rouge
a bag, its contents checked
through and through

A gold watch on her wrist
ticks loud with every second passing,
a quick check in a shop window
a reassessment of things not lasting.

She turns,
another wasted evening.

By Alison Fielding.



On opening my front door this morning
I saw the signs of autumn calling
As trees start shedding
their summer coats,
and leaves fall to the ground
crisp, golden brown.
Chasing each other
swirling round and round,
caught up in the wind
or in heaps on the ground.
A wonder of nature
that in something dying,
such beauty can be found.

By Alison Fielding.
Poems, Thoughts



Brave and determined
we hold on to what is safe
to that which is familiar.

Winds blow, storms rage,
but we stay attached,
grounded in the roots 
of all we have known.

Until a day comes
when the pain of holding on, 
becomes greater 
than the pain of change, 
and we glimpse hope
in a life yet to be.

Mother Nature has a way
of softening the blow,
her timing is perfect
her voice so soft
calling us forward,

Helping us to let go.

By Alison Fielding.